The Sport Accident Insurance Policy is group coverage that can be purchased for a specific JAM team. This policy pays for select medical costs on behalf of JAM members injured while playing a regular league or playoff game. This coverage is SECONDARY to any other health care plan that a player has available.

For full information on this package and to find out if your team qualifies for the purchase of the Sport Accident Insurance Policy, please review this fact sheet.

$50 per team, per season: Ice Hockey, Ultimate
$40 per team, per season: ASOS, Basketball, Dodgeball, Floor Hockey, Football, Kickball, Soccer, Softball
$30 per team, per season: All other sports


Does my team qualify for the Sports Accident Insurance package?
  • All JAM teams that are registered by a team captain are eligible to purchase the Sport Accident Insurance policy. At this time, individual teams are not eligible.
How do I purchase the insurance policy for my team?
  • Once you have registered (and named) your team, a link to purchase the Sport Accident Insurance policy will be visible on your team page. By following this link, it will create a shopping cart for the policy for your team.
Who is covered under this policy?
  • Policies cover all players listed on the team roster of a specific team. ONLY players listed on the team roster are covered under that team's policy.
  • A player is NOT eligible to make a claim if they are not listed on the team roster at the time of injury (players cannot be added retroactively).
  • Policies are team specific. If a member plays on multiple teams, they would require multiple policies to be fully covered.
How do I submit a claim and what is required?
  • In order to submit a claim under your team's Sport Accident Insurance Policy, a formal injury report must be submitted. Injury reports can be submitted through your team schedule page and must be attached to a specific game and include as much detail and information as possible.
  • Claims WILL NOT be accepted without a formal injury report.
Once our team has purchased the insurance policy, can we get a refund?
  • Refunds can be requested prior to the start of the season in which the policy is purchased. Refunds may not be requested after the start of the season.
Do I have to use a specific medical provider?
  • No, members covered by the policy are free to use their choice of medical provider.

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Our Trusted Health Partner:

As the official health partner, Cleveland Clinic Canada takes care of JAM Members to keep them in the game. We have two locations - 181 Bay Street and 150 Eglinton Ave. East. Benefits include on-site imaging (OHIP), Sports Medicine physicians (OHIP), Orthopaedic surgeons (OHIP) and rehabilitation providers. Call the dedicated JAM hotline at 1-888-507-6885 (Bay Street) or 416-481-1601 (Eglinton Ave.)